We fly only the best hot air balloons in the industry!

Trilogy was built new for Altitude Endeavors and started service in 2018


​Manufacturer: Lindstrand Balloons US
Year Built: 2018
Size: 120,000 cubic feet
Model: 120A

N-Number: 3095T

Freedom is flown with our new over-sized basket measuring 47" x 64" providing ample room for up to 6 passengers.

Freedom is now flown by our friends at Winds of Freedom Hot Air Ballooning

Manufacturer: Lindstrand Balloons US
Year Built: 2007
Size: 105,000 cubic feet
Model: 105A

N-Number: 190SF

Overheat can be seen flying at competitive event around the United States

Overheat approaching a target at the Flag City Balloonfest!
Manufacturer: Lindstrand Balloons US
Year Built: 2000
Size: 60,000 cubic feet
Model: 60A
N-Number: 161LB

Overheat was built to be one of the lightest balloons in the world for its size. The entire envelope weighs in at only 110 pounds which is much lighter than most balloons. The gondola is a 42" x 42" basket with a single burner and we carry 40 gallons of propane for those long competition flights.

Independence was sponsored by the Hancock County Convention & Visitors Bureau (Now Retired)

IndependenceSide 1
IndependenceSide 2
Manufacturer: Cameron Balloons US
Year Built: 2003
Size: 90,000 cubic feet
Model: Z-90
N-Number: 716US

Independence was built as an aerial advertising balloon for the city of Findlay, OH and the Findlay-Hancock County Convention & Visitors Bureau. This balloon was flown at different events around the Great Lakes region of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and even Kentucky.

The Jester was our first balloon and was used for both competition & balloon rides (Now Retired)

Manufacturer: Lindstrand Balloons UK
Year Built: 1995
Size: 77,000 cubic feet
Model: 77A
N-Number: 362LB

Endeavor was our first ride balloon (Now Retired)

Manufacturer: Cameron Balloons US
Year Built: 1995
Size: 90,000 cubic feet
Model: O-90
N-Number: 4559N

Hot air balloons can't get to flight locations or return home without a little help.

Manufacturer: Ford
Year Built: 2006
Size: 1-Ton
Model: E350

This vehicle is used to transport the balloon when not in flight and is used by the crew to chase the balloon during flight. The chase crew then takes the pilot and passengers back to the launch site. Balloons can only travel with the wind and a good chase crew is important to get you back to where you started from.